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Healing is an Inside Job

"Healing is an inside job. I am ambivalent about the word "healer." It implies doing something to someone else, holding power over the other, separating the healer from the healed." ~ Donna Eden, Energy Medicine

The terms energy healing, energy medicine, energy work, energy clearing are all similar. But first, let me clarify that I am not a healer. I believe that healing can only come from within yourself, it is your choice of what you will allow for yourself. Even after a broken leg is set, the true healing comes from within.

“The healer is the guide in the process.” “One can be a physician yet not a healer and not all healers need to be physicians. A mother’s kiss “heals” a child while the child’s body slowly resolves the skinned knee. Many complementary medicine practitioners have the attributes of the healer; they take time to listen deeply.” ~ Stephen C. Schimpff, MD

’Healers’ are facilitators that listen, hold space, and assist with their skills, knowledge, and experience. However, it is ultimately our own choice to accept the assistance, whether that be physically, emotionally, or spiritually. We are each responsible for our own healing. Our mindset and personal choices greatly contribute to the outcome, especially for chronic conditions. For example, the placebo effect, the belief that one is receiving help can positively contribute to healing.

Our mindset is powerful, our thoughts can create our reality. This doesn’t mean we should go through life with rose coloured glasses and everything will be alright. Instead, it is knowing that when life sucks, we have choices, and the power to get back up and make it through life’s detours and challenges.

Early on in my chemistry education, I was fascinated by the structure of atoms, and their components, sub-atomic particles. They are like tiny magnets, are always moving, and they have properties of both matter and waves. When trying to measure or observe sub-atomic particles it is impossible to obtain any measurements with accuracy. Just by trying to observe them, their paths change and their energies shift.

If we can change the energy merely by trying to observe it, what if we can change it purposely through focused intention? By letting in the light to balance our energy and chakras, releasing old outworn beliefs, shifting our mindset, clearing away the energetic clutter that no longer serves us, we can establish a new foundation and beneficial paradigm to move our life forward in a brighter direction with purpose and peace.

We are energy, our body is energy, our emotions are energy, our thoughts are energy, and of course, our soul is energy too. Just like magnets that push and pull each other, our interactions with others affect our energy. By being strong within ourselves, having good boundaries and energetic awareness, we can improve our well-being.


When I first learned about atoms and subatomic particles, I could visualize them. In her TED Talk, Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor described her experience of having a stroke and seeing her arm as individual molecules. I felt, FINALLY, someone who understands what I can see. We are just a bunch of atoms and molecules… energy.


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